True Collaboration
Having built a house before, we focused on hiring an honest, fairly priced quality builder who could truly understand the entire scope of our project, even at inception. The Faubel Construction Inc. team delivered beyond our expectations. As with any construction project, we ran into several major unexpected challenges that were handled with professionalism and fairness. Ed and his staff and subcontractors were pleasant to work with, highly professional, and clearly very skilled, and the foreman in particular was extremely detail-oriented.

A happy surprise was that FCI is so well regarded in the greater community that we received very timely and flexible support from city and county authorities as needed. Working with Ed’s team, we received the quality product we had expected at a fair price. At the end of the day, we are very pleased with the quality of construction and happy to say we continue to have a strong relationship with Ed and his team.

—Brian and Diane Weisman
Mill Valley
I was fortunate enough to team up with Faubel Construction Inc. to complete an extensive remodel of our home, which is more than 100 years old. Taking on a project like this amid the chaos of raising small children and just our hectic daily lives had the makings for a stressful experience. Luckily Ed and his crew made it very manageable (even enjoyable!).

Working together for a year and a half, you spend a lot of time with the guys at the project site. It was refreshing how easy Ed and the guys were to work with. The jobsite was always cleaned up and organized at the end of the day—which made touring the property effortless for us. Coming onto the jobsite with three young children every day, I never had to worry about any of the guys being inappropriate or rude around my children. I really appreciated everyone’s professional conduct.

Working with Ed was great! He was very honest to work with and when I was concerned about the price of something, he was willing to look into alternatives. When I was feeling overwhelmed with so many decisions and deadlines, he always took the time to help me think things through and feel comfortable with what I decided on. I always felt comfortable with Ed’s suggestions because I knew they came from an honest and practical place.

With as much experience as Ed has, he knows how we all want to live in our homes! As a result, we ended up with a beautiful home and enjoyed the process. I recommend Ed to all of my friends!

—Monica Duflock
In 2012, Faubel Construction Inc. did a major remodel/rebuild of my house. After observing the construction during that year and living in the home for a year, I would highly recommend them to others seeking a first-rate contractor. In particular, I would emphasize the quality of the workmanship throughout the house and the professionalism with which FCI operates. This professionalism included accurate and timely bid estimates and progress billings—there were no surprises—and excellent and proactive communications between the site supervisor and my architect and designer (possible issues and their solutions were raised early, so they could be resolved before becoming problems). I also appreciated the sensitive treatment of my neighbors and the neighborhood. The worksite was well-maintained, and the neighbors spoke highly of the FCI staff.

—Jim Andrews
Corte Madera