Invested in Quality
When you work with Faubel Construction Inc., our employees take care of every aspect of your project. We are deeply invested in the quality delivered at every stage of the process. Each FCI project is assigned a dedicated team of highly skilled builders, as well as an on-site manager/foreman who is a daily presence at the jobsite.

We know that efficient and productive collaboration with architects, designers, engineers, and city officials is critical to all phases of construction, and facilitating this collaboration is a constant and crucial part of our service. We also devote careful attention to budget and design decisions while a project progresses through all levels of development.


The foremen at FCI are the company’s driving force. They offer first-rate project management skills and communication support, while ensuring jobsite efficiency and safety. Highly creative professionals who love the artistry involved in building exceptional homes, they are integral to the construction process.

Being backed by a strong support staff both on site and in the office enables our foremen to put their leadership skills and extensive knowledge to use on every project on a daily basis. The foremen at FCI each have more than 25 years of building experience, and this level of expertise enables them to oversee the workmanship of all subcontractors and to think proactively about all aspects of the project.